The Master aims to develop professionals with a deep and comprehensive understanding of regulations and methodologies to manage financial risk.



Master in Financial Risk Management

This Master's design meets the raising demand, that especially has emerged especially after the Financial Crisis, for professionals with efficient ways to anticipate, measure and mitigate financial risks..

Interested in joining our Master in Financial Risk Management? Here is what we offer:
  • A degree in Financial Risk Management from the prestigious University of Alcalá – one of the oldest universities in the world
  • Learning methods with a strong practical focus providing students with 360º view when addressing any issue
  • A strong faculty of knowledgeable professionals teaching core courses in their areas of expertise
We offer you a life-changing experience, do you accept the challenge?

Master en Finanzas - Universidad de Alcalá - UAH
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What Do We Offer?

Master in Financial Risk Management


One of Spain’s TOP RANKED masters in finance taught entirely in English.

Learning Methods

LEARNING METHODS with a strong practical focus providing you with a 360º view when addressing any issue.


A strong FACULTY of knowledgeable professionals teaching core courses in their areas of expertise.


An INTERNATIONAL & MULTICULTURAL setting: currently 12 different nationalities are represented among the students of the master.


A CAREER SERVICE DEPARTMENT that will help you find the best career opportunities.
Participant Profile.

Master in Financial Risk Management

The Master in Financial Risk Management is open to candidates who want a profound understanding of risks and wish to develop their careers in Risk Management. The Master is aimed both at recent graduates, young professionals as well as managers, who are looking to specialize in Risk Management.

As the Master is online, it can be studied from anywhere in the world.
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Course Content.

Master in Financial Risk Management

International Economics and Global Risks

(6 ECTS)

Quantitative and Computational Methods

(9 ECTS)

Financial Markets and Products

(9 ECTS)

Portfolio Management

(6 ECTS)

Credit Risk I

(3 ECTS)

Market Risk

(6 ECTS)

Operational Risk in Banking and Financial Institutions

(3 ECTS)

Final Project: Research Proposal

(6 ECTS)

Itinerary 1. Risk Management in Financial Institutions

International Risk Regulation (3 ECTS) Liquidity Risk Management (3 ECTS) Technological Risk (3 ECTS) Enterprise Risk Management (3 ETCS)

Itinerary 2. Financial Risk Manager Program (FRM©)

Credit Risk II (3 ECTS) Integrated Risk Management (3 ETCS) Current Issues in Financial Markets (3 ETCS) Foundations of Risk Management (3 ETCS)

Itinerary 3: Macroprudential Risks

Credit Risk II (3 ECTS) Risk-based Capital and Buffers (3 ETCS) International Risk Regulation (3 ECTS) Systemic Risk, Risk Transfer and Consolidation (3 ETCS)

Participants will have the advantage of learning from leaders in the fields of Financial Markets and Risk Management, who have practical experience through their advisory and executive work. The professors have a solid understanding of the broader issues, ensuring that the course will be rigorous as well as relevant.

He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Alcalá where he is a Professor and the Director of the Laboratory of Computational Finance. He has participated in several projects for the public sector as and has worked as consultant for private companies. He has authored more than one hundred publications, mainly in the area of quantitative and computational Finance and has lectured extensively in Europe, EEUU, Latin America and Asia.
Ignacio Olmeda

He holds a Degree in Theoretical Physics and a PhD in High Energy Physics from the Universidad de Barcelona. He holds the Financial Risk Manager accreditation, FRM, from the Global Association of Risk Professionals and he is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. Currently he is a Quantitative Analyts at Santander where he develops models for the valuation of equity derivatives.
Ignacio Ariño

He is an Engineer and Master in International Finance by the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Paris. He is the Head of Quants at Banco Santander. Formerly he had positions in the quantitative area in Paris, London and New York in institutions such as Calyon, Credit Lyonnais and Bankgesellschaft Berlin.
François Friggit

She holds a Degree in Economics (Economic Analysis) from the University Complutense and a Master in Quantitative Finance form AFI. She is Responsible for Credit Risk Assessment and Surveillance at the Corporate and Investment Banking Unit of BBVA. She worked before as Risk Analyst of Equity and Exotic Products also for BBVA.
Ascension Calvo

He holds a Degree with Honors in Business Administration from the University of Alcalá and a Master in Quantitative Finance from CIFF. Currently he is pursuing a Doctorate in Economics and Business Administration and he is also a Lecturer at several postgraduate programs. He has been previously a Senior Advisor at ING Nationale Nederlanden and a Researcher at the SUN Microsystems Laboratory of Computational Finance.
Enrique Ascordebeitia

He holds a Degree in Economics by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and the Financial Risk Manager Certification, FRM, by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). He is Responsible of Training at Bolsa y Mercados Españoles and has published a number of papers and a book on Options and Futures.
Enrique Castellanos

She holds a Degree in Economics from the Universidad Complutense, a Postgraduate in Finance and Economics from CEMFI (Bank of Spain), a Master in Quantitative Finance from AFI and an Advanced Programme in International Finance from IEB. She works as Trader of interest rate Volatility at BBVA and previously worked at Santander in the Treasury Division.
Maria Angeles Romero

He holds Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Sciences from the Universidad de Oviedo and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) by IMD Lausanne, Switzerland. He is currently Managing Director and responsible of Global Risk with Institutional Investors at Santander. He previously held positions at Santander in London and Latin America and also worked as Senior Banker at Financial Institutions Group.
Javier Vaca Fernández

He holds a Degree in Economics from the Universidad Carlos III and a Master in Risk Management. He is a holder of the Financial Risk Manager certification, FRM, by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). He has been Senior Analyst in Operational Risk and a Specialist in Retail Credit risk and currently is the LATAM Portfolio Manager of Retail Credit Risk at BBVA.
Pedro Gallardo

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