The area of Financial Risk Management increased in the last years. The politics event worldwide such as the UK’s departure from the EU or Trump administration influence the trade market against the directors’ wills. Companies must find a way to deal with financial risk. When this discipline is executed properly it can help by increasing the incomes. If it is not, the company will suffer the consequences of it. This will translate into loss of incomes and credibility. Over the years, this area of work developed and companies nowadays look for a risk manager. This way, they can avoid loss of money. Along with this, technology can help risk manager to do their jobs. Are you interested in the software they can use? Keep reading!

What is Financial Risk Management?

First, it is important to explain what is Financial Risk Management and its place in the world nowadays. So, this discipline can be described as the process of understanding and managing the financial risks a company might face during a business. Therefore, the Risk Management does not look for eliminating all the potential risks. Rather, they try to analyse the risks a company is willing to take in its business and the strategy that it is going to follow to avoid those risks.

Nowadays this area is important in organisations and companies if they want to increase their incomes. The risk manager is in charge of analysing the possible risks of said company and create a strategy. In order for the organisation to be successful, the staff and the director must follow it. This way there would be a follow-up and if there are some risks, they will know the responsible for it.

So, to do this job, the risk managers must rely on software to help them in their tasks. Now, it is the time to now the best 10 financial risk managemer in financial management, master in financial risk management spent softwares.

The top 10

The following list displays the list of the top 10 of softwares in 2018.

  • EM Applications: EMA, as professionals know it, uses machine learning along with algorithm based multi-factor modelling and also with generalised autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (GARCH). This predicts the volatibility of the market and the correlations across a businesses traded assets.
  • Numerix: This software offers a variety of financial modelling techniques and risk management solutions. It’s highly flexible and it allows companies to integrate Numerix to their own models.
  • Protecht: It offers commercial credit risk management (CCRM) software solutions. This allows businesses of different kinds to centralize lending data in one place. Moreover, it offers financial directors to cultivate a strong risk framework capable of overall portfolio monitoring.
  • Actico: This software caught the attention of banks, financial services providers and multinationals. One of the uniques features of this system is the built-in simulation environment. It can replicate changes in ratings models before they are applied to the real stock market.
  • MetricStream: This is the independent market leader in enterprise and cloud applications for governance, risk and compliance. This way, they can have different tools available to establish better risk management processes.
  • Vertica: Offers a range of tools to help everyone. From financial institutions to online retailers to get profits from the vaste number of data.
  • Murex: This platform is built to bridge the gap between the capital market operators and the risk management systems.
  • AutoRek: It offers an automated financial control framework. Then, it reduces the cost, improves control and enhances operational risk.
  • AxiomSL: This software meets the demands of an ever-evolving regulatory environment. Furthermore, its various modules cover everything from credit to earnings at risk.
  • Broadridge: It mixes advanced risk management tools and various class data to help business to understand and assess their portfolio.

¿Do you want to join our Master in Financial Risk Management?

As you see, the field of Financial Risk Management is connected with technology nowadays. Developments in software help companies to understand and improve their decisions. Let’s wait to see what technologies brings us in the future. Furthermore, the University of Alcala brings you a perfect opportunity to get a better future. If you want to become an expert on Finances, doing a Master in Financial Risk Management is the best option. Also, if you book it early you will have a discount. Moreover, with the possibility of doing it online you can do it whenever and wherever you want. What are you waiting for? Contact us and join us now!

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