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Financial Risk Management Review #3

The third Financial Risk Management Review selects five news and a blog or person of interest from which you can be up to date. With those news, which are recent and important news related to the field of FRM, you will be in touch with the newest information about this field. Don't miss it and read our post!

Financial Risk Analysis, Tools and Methods

Financial Risk Management is the study of all the risks a business can experience. These possible risks of losses within the business can be related to many sources. Some of them can be customers, interest rates, etc. However, the way organizations identify financial risks has developed a lot during the last years. Because of that, finance directors are expanding not onlt the techniques. But also the methods and ways of analysing the Financial Risk in order to avoid losses. If you want to know more about the different methods of avoiding Financial Risk keep reading!

Six ways to mitigate Financial Risk

In a capitalist society, being able to predict Financial Risk and avoid it, it's crucial for the companies. But what is actually Financial Risk? What strategies use these managers to choose a good option? If you are interested in this area and want to know more about ways to mitigate Financial Risk, don't miss our article!

The IMF financial spotlight in 2019

Companies bring new possibilities and objects to purchase. Every new year the companies and organisation change and develop. And the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not different. This organisation has published under the Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) 14 new assessments. Do you want to know more about this organisation and its program? Keep reading!

Best 10 financial risk management softwares.

Over the years, this area of work developed and companies nowadays look for a risk manager. This way, they can avoid loss of money. Along with this, technology can help risk manager to do their jobs. Are you interested in the software they can use? Keep reading!

Financial Risk Management tools and techniques

Nowadays, businesses’ world takes several risks. One of the most notable is the Financial Risk. This is the possibility of losses within a business, primarly credit risks. This risk is related to various sources, from customers, to interest rates. Luckily, the increase of technology and the improvement of this area allows companies to deal with risk. There are different tools and techniques that organisations can use to avoid the loss of incomes.   Do you want to know more? Keep reading?… Leer Más

The Goals of a Master in Financial Risk Management

One of the main options students have once they finish their degree is to start working. Yet, the economic crisis of the last years has reduced the possibilities for the youth. Several people in their twenties decide to keep studying to increase their chances to get a job. Especially if they want one related to their field. Probably you are one of those students, wondering what you could or should do. Do you want to get acquainted with the area of Financial Risk Management? Then, don’t miss this article. Inside you will find information about the goals of a Master in FRM that might help you in your future.… Leer Más

Job Opportunities after a Master in Financial Risk Management

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Are you studying a field related with finances? If you are wondering about your future and the possible opportunities, this post is for you! Our Master in Financial Risk Management can open some doors for you. Within the business and economic sector the specialization of its professionals is increasingly demanded. The reality and the market can seem cruel, but formation is the key to overcome it. If you do not know if this master is worth it, discover it now. We are going to show you that studying with us, in the city of Alcalá, is one of the best options for your career.… Leer Más

The next step in Financial Risk Management

The growth of the economic and banking field over the last 50 years has been unstoppable. It had ups and downs with local risk exposures to global ones. The latter is the actual environment worldwide. Nevertheless, Risk Management has evolved with the different model changes. The area went from individual, transaction-based decisions to looking at portfolios of risk, created by analytical tools. The tools and techniques of these professionals improved over the years. Yet, it does not imply that the interaction model followed the same pattern. This relationship between risk and business keep the same ‘us vs them’ dynamic. But what’s the next step in Financial Risk Management?… Leer Más

Master in Financial Risk Management: Programme

Nowadays there is a large necessity of expertise in each specific field. Most of the companies are looking for the best experts in the sector and the best ones of the country. In order to be hired and considered as one of those experts in your field, it is decisive to specialize yourself. It is not only about your actual career, but also about complementary studies. Everybody should know about everything, or that is what people of business want. With our Master in FRM you will be able to get all the knowledge that you need. Keep reading this post to turn into the most skilled aspirant!… Leer Más

What is volatility in the world of finance?

The global marketplace is processing some difficulties in the last years. Nothing unexpected as we had observed some brutal changes in the administration of several countries. All these issues have emerged with a high level of doubt and instability related to the global economy. Therefore, we need to comprehend what is going on in our world to work efficiently with Finances. Here is when the concept of FRM emerges. It gives us a strong understanding of the underlying risk management in today’s ever-changing financial markets. Thanks to it, we can be expected to avoid risks and vicissitudes when we work with the capital.… Leer Más

What are stochastic processes?

The objective of this article is to facilitate the understanding of stochastic processes, how they work, as well as their types and utilities. In this article, we will also focus on the study of stochastic processes related to finance and economics. This knowledge is taught in one, all this is taught in a master in Financial Risk Management.… Leer Más
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