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Indian financial services companies are wary of these risks in 2019

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the top risks impacting financial services companies almost exclusively focused on risk management and regulatory compliance. However, last year, the results of our global survey marked an initial shift from those trends. While regulatory compliance remained a significant source of risk, digital disruption and threats to business competitiveness began to be viewed as increasing sources of concern. Our 2019 survey results show this shift continuing and, in many areas, accelerating. Financial services organizations in India show similar trends in top risks in 2019. Furthermore, like their global counterparts across the five key themes of the global, they share the survey results.


Global Financial Risk Management Software Market 2019 Leading Key Vendors

Market Research Place develop the study “Global Financial Risk Management Software Market Status and Forecast 2019-2025”. It stretches out accurate and expressive details of the market, portraying the vital information on products, applications, and growth opportunities in Financial Risk Management Software industry. Then, the market objectives, definition, market scope, and market size is presented in the report. Additionally, the market concentration, maturity analysis, and growth rate from 2019-2025 are explained. It features interior and outside exploration and bits of understanding of the market.


All Risks are Future Risks

In summary of the series on Real Risk Management, each of us subjectively have preferences. These preferences, coupled with our chosen contexts, are what creates risk. As an example, if I choose to “beat the market” I have a chosen context of financial markets, and a preference to beat the performance of that market. The risk that I create is that I under perform. This may sound elementary and straightforward, but this stands in starkest contrast to the variance, standard deviation, beta, covariance, VAR, et. al. versions of risk promulgated in modern finance.


What sex workers and surfers can teach us about risk management?

From navigating law enforcement to personal safety, sex work is one of the riskiest forms of labor out there. It involves selling sexuality, personality and intimacy. Then, this makes it a uniquely complicated commodity. In the state of Nevada, sex work is legal, but there’s a cost to that risk reduction. Allison Schrager, a risk economist and co-founder of risk advisory firm LifeCycle Finance Partners, met professional sex workers, surfers and racehorse breeders to learn about how they take calculated risks in hopes of maximizing rewards. Below is an edited transcript of host David Brancaccio’s interview with Schrager.


There is a growing need for financial planning and Spaniards will continue to increase their investments in funds

After almost 30 years in the financial markets, Carmignac has been able to build a leading position among the most relevant European players. Specially in the asset management sector. Moreover, in Spain, Carmignac is currently the fourth manager with the best brand image. Then, according to the report Fund Brand 50, it is a position of privilege which it has held for the third consecutive year.


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ERM Insights by Carol

Carol began working as a risk manager in a large insurance company in mid-2010 when they implemented an ERM framework. She became so passionate about the concept that she began her own consulting firm in 2016. Furthermore, she now creates blogs and other free resources to help organizations begin and consistently apply enterprise risk management. If you want to read more about it, we offer you a link to her blog.

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