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The energy sector is one of the most dynamic, both Spanish and transnational current economic climate and requires professionals who know in depth all its quirks and characteristics to lead this process of change, considering all scenarios, variables and actors. Therefore, this master Spain offers a solid strategic direction and addresses a broad and deep variety of content and skills that enable the student to enter gradually in all fields of action of the energy business.

Along the same, the student will know in a rigorous and practical way all the financial techniques that are applicable to the energy markets:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Emissions

And many more that go from both a national and international perspective, as it’s being developed markets in an increasingly wider geographical area and interlacing, which’s why the importance of this master Spain.

The current, critical for both the energy sector and the financial, undergoing many changes and pressures, time demands of professionals working in them maximum performance and management training in these increasingly complex markets. These professionals also want to be involved and participate in managing the changes that are occurring.

This master Spain analyzes all technical and regulatory issues affecting the sector:

  • The cost of capital
  • The strategy
  • Financial planning of energy companies
  • The instruments
  • The tools available on the market
  • The valuation of investments
  • The risk management
  • The possibilities of coverage
  • The mergers and acquisitions

Topics to be developed through studies in it.

Using the methodology of the case, they’ll address some of the agenda items for most practical way, in order to use the tools learned and facilitate discussion and learning. Thus analytical skills, problem solving, decision making, takes place in a simulation as close to reality as possible.

The master Spain offers students an overview of the market and also a deep knowledge of the management and financing of the energy business in Spain, in other countries and in specific energy projects.

It aims to train professionals who want to develop their career in management and leadership in the management of companies and entities related to the energy and financial sectors.

This is to create true leaders in a market that requires efficient management, a focused short, medium and long term projects to boost capacity and mobilize teams and organizations to help reach the goals set strategy.

There are many reasons why it’s necessary to study it, because with this it ensures a much more satisfying experience that encompasses everything an ideal place to concentrate on a specialization as important as this environment:

  • Tradition and Innovation
  • Campus university of excellence
  • Quality teaching and comprehensive educational offerings
  • World leader in learning Spanish and in spreading Spanish language and culture
  • Care and guidance as part of the curriculum development and entrepreneurship

This master Spain is aimed to all lawyers, engineers, financiers and economists, as well as all staff in the administrative, financial and economic areas of companies in the energy sector and all related sectors or for which energy is a important aspect of their business.

It is also aimed at independent professionals who need to know in depth the particularities of these financial and economic issues.

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