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Nowadays there is a large necessity of expertise in each specific field. Most of the companies are looking for the best experts in the sector and the best ones of the country. In order to be hired and considered as one of those experts in your field, it is decisive to specialize yourself. It is not only about your actual career, but also about complementary studies. Everybody should know about everything, or that is what people of business want. With our Master in FRM you will be able to get all the knowledge that you need. Keep reading this post to turn into the most skilled aspirant!

Why Financial Risk Management?

Also known as FRM, Financial Risk Management encircles a series of approaches that let specialists to identify the threats and flaws of the projects. Companies are looking for an economic expert who can overcome and go against unexpected events. A master of FRM will offer you all you need to lessen or evade difficulties. It is all about risks and how prevent them. Experts will teach you about the adopted strategies in the industry related to Risk Management and the control of Financial Risks.

Like any other postgraduate training, a master’s degree in Financial Risk Management will give you the opportunity to expand your skills, specialize your knowledge and differentiate your resume. You will master quantitative and computational tools in the analysis of financial risks. It is also important to know about the conceptual framework to analyze the different corporate risks: credit, market, liquidity.


Today’s situation is quite uncertain. Some diverse factors are changing our world and people needs to prepare for it. A large number of companies are hoping for a saviour to appear and that person can be you. This master prepares analysts in a world no longer focused in traditionalism, but modernity. You have to learn to take financial decisions to ensure effective processes suitable for finance state. The programme of our master envelops seven mandatory subjects and four optional of a list. You will have also the opportunity of working and practise in a well-known company and prepare a final project.

Mandatory/Compulsory subjects

-International economics and global risks

-Quantitative and computational methods

-Portfolio management

-Financial markets and products

-Credit risk I

-Market risk

-Operational risk in banking and financial institutions


-Final project

Optional subjects

-Liquidity risk management

-Enterprise risk management

-Technological risk

-International risk regulation

-Foundations of risk management

-Credit risk II

-Integrated risk management

-Current issues in financial markets

-Systemic risk, risk transfer and consolidation

-Risk-based capital and buffers

Other characteristics of the master

A master defines the quality of the expert. People spend time of their studies, which for business is very important to gain the sufficient knowledge. This is also a reality in other countries, which also look for greater effectiveness and optimization in FRM. This kind of specialization is not only necessary but it is important if aspire to occupy significant positions. Even if you want your own businesses, the learning acquired in the master can ensure the success. Our master is composed with experts in the field, who have worked and experienced the real world. These professors are at your total disposition and will help you in your learning process.

The programme of the master focuses in a mix of theoretical, mathematical and statistical knowledge to lead students into the practise. The financial markets are full of competitive analysts and it is necessary to be the best of them. In order to get that, this master is composed by the mentioned programme with a total amount of 60 credits. Futhermore, we offer you the possibility of doing the master online, so you will be able to work and study at the same time.

If you are interested in be part of this field, we strongly encourage you to join us in our Master in FRM. You will not be disappointed as we offer one of the best formation in Spain. Besides that, the city of Madrid ensure you a real context and a large number of possibilities. Be brave and take a risk in order to understand this sector. Be one of the most important parts of your company or manage your own business. Do not hesitate anymore and contact us! We will be happy to help you!

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