The growth of the economic and banking field over the last 50 years has been unstoppable. Specially over the last decade with the development of new technologies applied to this field. This has it benefits, but also its risks. For example, the constant threat of financial crimes. However, this issue can be solved with many financial risk management tools. Do you want to know about how a machine learning based robot can help with this? Keep reading our new post.

Machine Learning to fight financial crimes

A new machine learning robot has been created in order to help against financial crime. This solution was developed by the collaboration of two companies, Feedzai and DataRobot. Feedzai is a leading provider of fraud prevention and anti-money laundering products built on artificial intelligence (AI). While DataRobot is a leading provider of machines learning tools for many industries. They both have partnered in order to allow banks, merchants, and other financial institutions to incorporate DataRobot machine learning models. These models directly incorporated into the Feedzai platform to create an advanced platform for financial crime detection

Within the banking industry, the DataRobot platform is widely used to automate the creation of powerful machine learning models to mitigate exposure to risk. This includes many types of risks such as fraud detection or anti-money laundering. These are very strong models that you can integrate right now into the Feedzai’s platform. 

What are the benefits of this tool?

The customers who acquire this models will benefit from them, which they can easily integrate into an end-to-end omnichannel platform. This platform only built to fight financial crime. It also includes sub-10 millisecond latencies and high availability. What is more, data scientists have flexibility to execute the whole data science loop within the Feedzai platform. This includes data cleaning and analysis, feature engineering or model training and testing. Data scientist can also improve the process by importing an external model, enhancing the expertise of the broader data science ecosystem. 

Furthermore, the customers can benefit from Feedzai’s AI tools to boost detection, after creating or importing a model. Some of these tools are automated rules engine and advance link analysis called Risk ledger and Gerome. The company explains how they main focus is to create a product that gives customers the best possible tools with a lot of flexibility. They want the users to choose the technology that best fit their teams. 

The best solution for every industry

Feezai’s goal is to democratize artificial intelligence to their customers. The integration with DataRobot and their powerful machine learning algorithms into their platform is the way they will evolve. This partnership also gives banks and financial institutions flexibility to use the machine learning technology and tools that best fit their needs. Feedzai provides an incredible threat detection technology, and DataRobot powerful automated machines learning capabilities. They seem to be the best solution to fight fraud and financial crime. 

Feedzai’s main objective is to make banking and commerce safe. And that is what they have been doing for years with the help of their data scientists and aerospace engineers. Nowadays, it is the market leader in fighting fraud with artificial intelligence. On the other side, DataRobot’s mission is to create machine learning models and advanced artificial intelligence applications. That way, they guarantee the democratization of data science with the help of their data scientists and engineers.

The future of finances

The financial crisis we lived years ago raised the demand of highly qualified professionals. Experts with abilities to find the most efficient ways to anticipate, measure and mitigate financial risk. Because of this, the University of Alcalá created the Master in Financial Risk Management. This master aims to develop professionals with a deep and comprehensive understanding of regulations and methodologies to manage financial risk. But, what else can we offer to you? Well, to begin we are one of Spain’s top ranked masters in finance taught entirely in English. 

On top of that, we use learning methods with a strong practical focus providing you with a 360º view when addressing any issue. With a faculty formed by a group of the best doctors and professionals in the area of finances. Are you going to let this opportunity go? Join the Master in Financial Risk Management today!


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