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The FRM certification is the key indication of candidates with proven ability and experience. To earn it, you must not only pass two challenging and rigorous exams, but also spend at least two years working in the field. By earning your FRM, you will prove your skill at identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risk at a high level, and showcase your ability to add value to firms in a number of specialized areas. In order to prepare yourself for this challenge, you need to apply of the best studies or courses. We strongly encourage you to join our master in Financial Risk Management Online. You will be able to learn aspects and concepts as relevant as the Enterprise Risk Management. It provides a framework to view all the risks that a firm may face in in integrated manner. The purpose is to provide tools to understand and develop such framework and to analyze particular models that can be applied in specific situations. In particular, we will analyze how to create an adequate ERM framework that allows to identify, assess, prevent and mitigate risks as well as to provide insurance, recovery, auditing and control of such risks. In the second part of the subject focused on it we will analyze a variety of tools and situations which have not been covered in other subjects. Particularly we consider reputation risks, moral hazard risks and behavioral risks. The course finishes with a quantitative description of particular methodologies (e.g. risk scoring) that can be employed to measure the overall risk exposition in organizations. The FRM (Financial Risk Manager) certification is the most internationally recognized standard professional qualification for professionals in the field of financial risk management, granted by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). It is the only organization recognized worldwide as an association of professional members in this field. This type of accreditation represents a challenge for all those candidates who acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary to develop in the analysis and risk management in any corner of the world.

Master in Financial Risk Management.

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Financial Risk Management tools and techniques

Nowadays, businesses’ world takes several risks. One of the most notable is the Financial Risk. This is the possibility of losses within a business, primarly credit risks. This risk is related to various sources, from customers, to interest rates. Luckily, the increase of technology and the improvement of this area allows companies to deal with risk. There are different tools and techniques that organisations can use to avoid the loss of incomes.   Do you want to know more? Keep reading?… Leer Más
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