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The FRM certification, designed by GARP -Global Association of Risk Professionals- is globally recognized as the training standard for those who are professionally dedicated to the management and management of corporate risks. Those who obtain this certification become part of a group highly valued by the professional environment in different sectors of business activity. The control, measurement and standardization of corporate risks is, today more than ever, one of the main needs in business activity and, in particular, in the activity of financial institutions. The FRM certification is structured in two levels (level I and level II) so it is necessary to pass two exams to obtain it. This master in FRM, in the community of Madrid, is composed by a teaching methodology based on the understanding of the different theoretical concepts and their immediate application for the resolution of exam questions. Also, the classes will have an approach oriented to the understanding of the assistants of the mechanics of the exam for the accreditation FRM. In addition, the candidate for the FRM accreditation must make a significant self-study effort to take advantage of the content of the training program. In this sense, candidates must devote between 10 and 15 hours per week for 20 weeks to prepare the exam properly. What implies an effort that represents between 200 and 300 hours of personal work. This level of demand is recommended to have a high degree of success in passing the exam. If you want to get into the process to get the FRM certificate, currently there is a call that usually takes place in November of each year in Madrid and Barcelona. To be able to submit to this call, you must have previously registered within the registration period and have paid the corresponding fees. So, it is really important to pay attention to the whole process and do not miss any chance possible. If you want to specialize in Finances, we strongly recommend you to take one of these masters of Financial Risk Management.

Master in Financial Risk Management.

Specialize in the most employability FINANCIAL AREAS and access to the main INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS.

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