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If you desire to get the famous FRM certificate, it is time to go full energy for it. The most reliable way is studying a Master in Financial Risk Management in Spain. But, what is it exactly this certification? The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification is the most prestigious in the world in the field of risk management and is awarded by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). This non-profit association is made up of professionals from all over the world who belong to the field of financial risk management. The FRM certification consists of 2 levels, whose corresponding exams are offered in May and November of each year. You must pass Level I in order to access the Level II exam. The exam sessions take place on the same date in more than 80 cities in the world, including Madrid and Barcelona. The exam corresponding to Level I consists of 100 multiple choice questions and lasts for 4 hours, while the Level II exam consists of 80 questions, with the same duration. The FRM certification has had an exponential growth since its introduction in 1997. With more than 30,000 professionals accredited as FRM in the world, certification has become an access requirement to work in the risk departments of the main international financial institutions. Due to that, studying this kind of master is equally important and it will get you all the knowledge that you will need. The importance of the risk management function and banking regulation has become clear as a consequence of the financial crisis. There is a clear need for professionals with solid knowledge in the area of risk, capable of advising top management and spreading the risk culture at all levels of the organization. With this Master in Risk Management you will be able to prepare and pass each of the exams that will allow you to obtain the FRM title, the main professional accreditation in the field of risk management, universally recognized as the reference to contrast the theoretical and practical knowledge of a Risk Manager.

Master in Financial Risk Management.

Specialize in the most employability FINANCIAL AREAS and access to the main INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS.

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