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If you are interested in the FRM certification, you will need to prepare for it intensively. We encourage you to take the best way and specialize with a master in Financial Risk Management. Our master of the University of Alcala, in Madrid, analyses some of the topics required for candidates to the FRM Level I Certification. We analyse, among others, Basic risk types, measurement and management tools, creating value with risk management the role of risk management in corporate governance, Financial disasters and risk management failures, Data aggregation and risk reporting and Ethics and the GARP Code of Conduct. You will be also learning about the Principles for sound operational risk management, the Model risk and model validation, Economic capital frameworks and capital planning, Failure mechanics of dealer banks, Stress testing banks, Third-party outsourcing risk and Risks related to money laundering and financing of terrorism. However, this master, based in Madrid, not only gives you all the information required for the first FRM exam, but also for the second one. The student is exposed to all the concepts of such certification. We analyse Cyber risk, Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and “big data”, the Fintech Revolution, Central clearing and risk transformation and Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). And also, these studies pay special attention to technology, as it is ubiquitous in any organization. Surprisingly, technological risk has received, in general, little or no attention by the Regulator and companies and even common risk such as the ones related to Security and Authorization are poorly regulated and assessed. The objective of this master is to provide a taxonomy, as general as possible, of the technological risks that corporations face (particularly in the financial sector) and the methods and tools that have been proposed to identify and assess such risks. After reviewing some of the most recent trends in technology, such as virtualization and cloud computing, social media, mobile and BYOD access, etc. we provide a catalogue of tools and examples that can be employed to mitigate Technological Risk under the COSO Internal Control Integrated framework and the COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework. We also focus on analysing how to develop a technology risk governance structure and the problems of its implementation, and finally we focus on competitive intelligence and best practices in the Industry.

Master in Financial Risk Management.

Specialize in the most employability FINANCIAL AREAS and access to the main INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS.

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