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The master in Financial Risk Management, in the community of Madrid, gives you all the knowledge necessary to understand concepts like the regulation, which provides the core for firms to operate. Financial and nonfinancial firms need to know the rules and regulations that they have to fulfill; not only to avoid sanctions and penalties (e.g. due to the violation of anti-money laundering laws) but because they are standards which can be used by analysts and others to compare against other firms. Moreover, the recent financial crisis put a higher emphasis in regulation making it a crucial issue. In this master we provide for example an overview of the main organisms, laws and trends in relation with regulation. Due to the nature of their business, in the Financial Industry such regulation is of international nature and so we analyze the international frameworks that provide the regulatory principles such as those outlined by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and others (e.g. Sarbanes- Oxley). Other aspects such as information disclosure, risk governance and liquidity risk are also analyzed. This last term refers to the loss due to the impossibility or difficulty in performing a particular trade or executing a specific decision. Liquidity risk is so important that some consider that it should be the main focus of regulation, which has generally put a higher emphasis on market and credit risk. In this master we analyze the tools that can be employed to measure and manage liquidity risk. After providing basic definitions and examples where liquidity has proven important, we introduce concepts such as Liquidity Adjusted Value at Risk and Liquidity at Risk. We then motivate the different sources of liquidity risk as well as the concepts of leverage, collateral and transactions cost in the context of liquidity risk. You will also learn about the treatment that the recent regulation gives to the treatment of liquidity risks.

Master in Financial Risk Management.

Specialize in the most employability FINANCIAL AREAS and access to the main INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS.

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