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The Master in Financial Risk Management Online of the University of Alcalá aims to achieve a coherent and complete training of students in the field of financial risk management under all relevant perspectives. One of the main characteristics of it is its online modality. Students can study from home and work at the same time. It is also especially useful for professionals in the field who want to extend their knowledge and not leave their job. The priority of the University of Alcalá is the students, for this it commits to a close and quality teaching, which encourages the development of critical attitudes and the learning of the most advanced techniques in each of the fields of knowledge. This master presents students to the main concepts and tools for the management of credit risk in both capital markets and banking institutions. In particular, we will debate various obligor-specific and portfolio risk models and products such as scoring and structural model or CDS and CDOs. This master in FRM Online is based on the belief that analytical methods are best understood by implementing them.  The topics will be deliberate in class. Although not always the first choice for some problems, tools as Excel are the biggest application used in financial institutions and accessible from almost everywhere. Students are not required to have a really high prior knowledge in any of these tools. And you will be also learning about macroeconomic issues that are relevant to finance professionals. To that end, rather than presenting a thorough macroeconomic framework, the master examines a series of interrelated topics, with a specific focus on the monetary and international economic context of financial sector developments. The master focuses on cooperative learning and applicants will be equipped with the skills demanded by companies in relation to Risk Management, as well as obtaining a wide-ranging view of the regulation that is applicable in the disclosure, measurement and control of Financial Risk. The students will gain a deeper understanding of why some organizations fail to achieve a top level of Risk Management and which are the best to achieve such level.

Master in Financial Risk Management.

Specialize in the most employability FINANCIAL AREAS and access to the main INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS.

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