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Financial Risk Management Review #5

The 5th review of the blog about the Master in Financial Risk Management, offers you a lot of new information about the field. Keep reading and be updated!

What do you do when you finish your business studies or Economics?

Have you finished or are you going to finish your studies in economics and are you worried about your future? Within the business and economic sector the specialization of its professionals is increasingly demanded due to the new and complex financial reality. Have you considered continuing your training with a master? Next, you will discover the alternatives and possibilities that a Master in Financial Risk Management offers you in your career.… Leer Más

Basic concepts about stock market that you should know

To finish perfecting our knowledge in Finance, we are going to give you some basics about the stock market. If you are interested or have always been struck by the world of the stock market, it is a good starting point. These are our most basic concepts to understand the stock market and know how to invest in it!… Leer Más

Learn from the Quantitative Finance specialized master

Thanks to the need there is to know even more about the financial world, there are programs like the master, which specialize those who have profound knowledge require to effectively develop into a room full of competencies. In the world of finance, there are several variants of specific knowledge they need to keep the money ship afloat, which’s why Spain and Madrid have become the mecca of this learning, they share the knowledge of several specialized teachers and experienced. What’s the master? Not only provide students with adequate and expertise, but also about their potential to create a mix of theoretical, mathematical and statistical knowledge to guide them in the content of their practice.… Leer Más
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