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This Master’s Degree in Financial Risk Management is offered by the University of Alcala (UAH), in the community of Madrid (Spain). Its main goal is to provide specialized training oriented to professionals and experts in the field of risks. However, we also encourage students of Financial studies to introduce themselves into this field. This Master’s program is taught online, so people can study and also work at the same time. The first part of the master is aimed at gaining a full understanding of the theoretical background needed to work as a financial risk manager. Then, it provides the students with specific knowledge in the field. The current changes in the sector, especially in regulatory compliance, make assets of professionals in Financial Risks, who are really wanted by companies, getting an employability of almost 100%. For example, this master online will teach you about risk-based capital requirement. It refers to rules establishing a minimum regulatory capital for financial institutions. These requirements are settled to protect financial firms, investors and all the Financial System. Basically, these requirements consist on rules to financial institution to demonstrate that they have enough capital on hand to sustain operating losses while maintaining a safe and efficient market. In this master we analyze the essential issue of Capital Planning in Financial Institutions. The Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment (ICAAP, for short) established under Pillar 2 of the Basel II Accord, and extensions, is analyzed. We also analyse to the important point of examining the different Capital Buffers that have been proposed after Basel III to reduce the pro-cyclical nature of lending. In order to obtain the FRM certification you will need an in-depth understanding of the concept and type of risks from a business approach, awareness of the significance of risk management functions of a company and a deep knowledge and understanding of complex financial products and specific products used in risk management

Master in Financial Risk Management.

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