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The FRM (Financial Risk Manager) certification is the most internationally recognized standard professional qualification for professionals in the field of financial risk management, granted by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). It is the only organization recognized worldwide as an association of professional members in this field. This type of accreditation represents a challenge for all those candidates who acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary to develop in the analysis and risk management in any corner of the world. Behind it, a study program aimed at graduates who practice their profession in the world of management. With a Master in Financial Risk Management, in the city of Madrid, you will be able to acquire all the knowledge and capabilities needed to obtain this certification. The course to obtain the certificate is divided into two levels. The FRM Level I course is aimed at young graduates and professionals in the financial sector interested in accessing the FRM certification. To possess the certification, it is necessary to approve the two parts that make up the program of studies and have at least two years of experience in risk management or an area related to finance. The FRM Level II course is a complement to the own material that composes the program proposed by GARP, which consists of a series of contents exposed in the FRM Examination Study Guide edited by GARP with different weights for the evaluation of the Level II exam. The FRM course covers the entire curriculum for certification. This rigorous program consists of two levels (Level I and II) whose improvement demonstrates, in an objective manner, a global and up-to-date standard level of knowledge regarding financial risks. The holders of the FRM certification are part of a global network of professionals and are valued by the most prestigious entities in the financial industry and the real sector. The network of certified professionals such as is present in the largest banking institutions, government regulatory entities, consulting firms and, in general, financial services institutions, around the world. This recognition is due to the fact that the FRM certificates have demonstrated to master the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome the rapid changes of the current international financial industry. Studying a Master like this in Madrid, which is focused on this certification, everything will go easier.

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Financial Risk Analysis, Tools and Methods

Financial Risk Management is the study of all the risks a business can experience. These possible risks of losses within the business can be related to many sources. Some of them can be customers, interest rates, etc. However, the way organizations identify financial risks has developed a lot during the last years. Because of that, finance directors are expanding not onlt the techniques. But also the methods and ways of analysing the Financial Risk in order to avoid losses. If you want to know more about the different methods of avoiding Financial Risk keep reading!

Financial Risk Management Review #2

Our second Financial Risk Management's review offers you a complete newsletter where we give you all the information that you need. If you want to be up-to-date and know as much as posible related to the field of FRM, this is the perfect post for you. Keep reading to know more!
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