Have you finished or are you going to finish your studies in economics and are you worried about your future? Within the business and economic sector the specialization of its professionals is increasingly demanded due to the new and complex financial reality. Have you considered continuing your training with a master? Next, you will discover the alternatives and possibilities that a Master in Financial Risk Management offers you in your career.

Future of finance

To face the challenge of a globalized and complex financial market, financial solutions based on technology and mathematics have become the indispensable ally for companies.

Financial Risk Management consists of the use of financial mathematics to perform financial analysis. A Master in Financial Risk Management trains financial scientists or quants, able to use new financial techniques in the management of business risks.

Companies crave a quant in their company that can perform quantitative analysis of these because the growing demand for defaults has made the credits are much more complicated to achieve and also because ICT have changed the future of finance.

This type of quantitative finance takes place in most sectors of modern industry and with very varied practices, from investment management and risk management to financial derivatives pricing or statistical arbitrage.

A Master in quantitative finance will expand your knowledge in the field of mathematics, business management or economic science, becoming a financial scientist capable of combining advanced financial software such as R and the understanding and decision making of a complex market.

Job opportunities

Like any postgraduate training, a master’s degree in Financial Risk Management will give you the opportunity to expand your skills, specialize your knowledge and differentiate your resume. In addition, this master will allow you to do it in a field in full development. Due to the low number of specialists in financial risk management, there is a great demand for professionals in this field.

Quantitative analysts design and implement complex models that allow financial firms to operate with securities. They are normally hired by investment banks and hedge funds. Sometimes also by commercial banks, insurance companies and management consultants.

Among the professional opportunities that a master’s degree in Financial Risk Management will allow you to develop your knowledge are:

  • Risk manager.
  • Financial engineer.
  • Derivatives Operator.
  • Fund manager.
  • Asset manager.
  • Financial Consultant.

Your statistical, mathematical and business knowledge will be perfectly complemented with a Master’s Degree in Financial Risk Management, allowing you to face an economic future that is complex and technical.

If you still do not have enough reasons to believe in your professional future as quaint, the University of Alcalá offers you one of the best Masters in the field with all the facilities and attention to get closer to your professional goal.

Master in Financial Risk Management

From the University of Alcalá we are aware of the future and advantages of this new profession and the high demand in the market, so we offer you the opportunity to continue your studies with a Master in Financial Risk Management that allows you to get the most out of your knowledge…

While it is a great opportunity for financial professionals with business or economic studies, it is also an accessible field for professionals from other areas such as mathematics, physical sciences or engineering, since they all have the basic concepts, but they are not able to contextualize them in the resolution of financial problems.

And it is that our Master in Financial Risk Management is characterized by eminently practical training, with case studies and practical applications. Allowing students to respond efficiently and contextualize all these mathematical and statistical concepts in the resolution of financial problems and in the field of business in general.

Continuing your training with a Master’s degree in financial risk management will not only give you the knowledge, but it will also make you a key player in the business future. If you still do not know what your professional future will bring, this is your opportunity. At the University of Alcalá, we will be happy to accompany you on the road to your job success. What are you waiting for? Here we are for what you need!

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